Getting comfortable with daily idea generation can help train your “idea muscle”.

James Altucher’s work on this is really thought provoking. I recommend you read the linked post first. If you want to get started with the daily idea generation routine you can consider using the tool.

Let’s say you come up with only 10 business ideas per day, but you do it every day. After one year you have >3600 business ideas.

But 99 % of these ideas may be terrible!?

That is no problem. 

In fact, James Altucher recommends everyone to come up with their most horrific ideas! The worse, the better.

Because you can only come up with great ideas, if you often come up with lots of terrible ideas as well. Just imagine, that even if only 1 % of your ideas is half decent, you already have more than 30 half decent business ideas in less than a year.


However brilliant this concept was, I was actually struggling with this concept of the daily routine myself. I felt I needed a little inspiration to help me along.

So I created a tool to help you create random business ideas on the fly, and you can upload your own data if you wish.

This idea generation spreadsheet was inspired by James Altucher’s post about Idea Generation, and exercising the idea muscle:

“Take a waiter’s pad. Go to a local cafe. Maybe read an inspirational book for ten to twenty minutes. Then start writing down ideas. What  ideas? Hold on a second. The key here is, write ten ideas.”

Instead of the waiter’s pad and sitting in a café, you could try this out RIGHT NOW and use this spreadsheet to form your 10 random ideas. Do this every day, and you will become an idea generating machine!