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This page will randomly generate combinations of more than 100 business models and more than 80 small or large problems. Just hit Refresh and have a go!

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Subscription (World of Warcraft) to address Risks posed by artificial intelligence

Bank card issuance (Simple (interchange fee per transaction)) to address Finding the right staff

Display ads (Yahoo!) to address Rising inequality

E-mail ads (Yahoo, MSN) to address Illiteracy

Intermediary (IP Commerce (POS 2.0), CardSpring) to address Not enough clean drinking water

Search Data (Chango) to address Overpopulation

Audio ads (Pandora, Radio, Podcasts) to address Connecting disparate data sources

Per site (Private cloud on internal infrastructure) to address Animal extinction

Ethical premium (Proposed by Clayton Cubitt) to address Steamy mirrors

Indirect (Apple Volume Purchasing) to address Lack of care workers

Strict Paywall (The Information) to address War

Digital-to-physical (Red Stamp, Postagram) to address Substance abuse

Paywall (New York Times, Andrew Sullivan) to address Education for the poor

Promoted content (Twitter, Tumblr) to address Too many passwords