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This page will randomly generate combinations of more than 100 business models and more than 80 small or large problems. Just hit Refresh and have a go!

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Recurring donations (w/ rewards) (Patreon) to address Smoking

P2P lending (Lending Club) to address Mosquitoes

Text ads (Google) to address Hunger

Display ads (Yahoo!) to address Overpopulation

Intermediary (IP Commerce (POS 2.0), CardSpring) to address So many wires

Retailing (Zappos) to address Lack of diversity in senior management

P2P service (Mechanical Turk, TaskRabbit) to address Rising inequality

Content aaS (Spotify, Netflix) to address Factory farming suffering

Infrastructure aaS (IaaS) () to address Arms trade

Infrastructure aaS (IaaS) () to address Dirty public toilets

Commission per order (Seamless, GrubHub) to address Information Overload

Business data (Duedil) to address Expensive loans

Bank transfer (Dwolla) to address Customer loyalty is disappearing

Telephony (public networks) (Skype out/in) to address Risks posed by artificial intelligence