Read my detailed post for WordPress first-timers here. The post covers everything from domain names, to finding good hosting to setting up the basics. You can find a summary of all the links below

Visit to find out more about WordPress.

Domain names


Or view this top 5 Domain Name Registrar list.

Don’t be daft like these “geniuses

What are Domain Name Servers (DNS) and how does it work?


Many people have heard the name WordPress and associate it (correctly) with a tool for building a blog or website. Without much further research they would start building their site on

It’s a common mistake.

It is important to understand that
  • is an open-source initiative.
  • is a commercial company.They are different and separate.

This vs Infographic explains it better than I could.

WP Engine is the best of the best for WordPress hosting. They are a great choice. However, I found them a little expensive for my needs. So I use Dreamhost instead. I have found Dreamhost to be very reliable, and they score high on all the points mentioned above.

So how do I transfer my (already live) WordPress site to Dreamhost?

So my website is live, now what?


  1. Pick a theme
    Three themes I like:

  2. Install Google Analytics
  3. Install a Child Theme
    Just install the plugin Child Theme Configurator and follow the instruction videos.
  4. Install Yoast SEO.
    This Search Engine Optimization plugin helps you write your SEO tags, search snippets etc. It also helps you write better, more attractive text.
  5. Read up on these speed tips

If you closely follow the above steps for hosting and setup, you are well on your way to becoming a professional web developer.

Now for some further inspiration

Review some of my favorite tutorials and Infographics below to get a better understanding of the types of things you can do with WordPress.

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Learn about SEO
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Learn some basic CSS
You don’t need to know much. Just the fundamental building blocks.

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